On the Rain-Slick: Precipice of Darkness

  • Categoría: RPG
  • Licencia: Free-demo
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  • Sistema: w2000 wXP Vista w7 w8
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Enter an adventure that follows the structure of a comic and in which you have to play the part of a detective.

On the Rain-Slick: Precipice of Darkness is a game that combines the classic adventure games with RPG elements to solve puzzles and other mysteries. In this case, you are part of a Detective Agency who use unconventional weapons, whose mission is to join forces to confront enemies and solve mysteries hidden in the dark centre of New Arcadia.

The gaming system in On the Rain-Slick lets you design and develop your own character in 3D, giving them a style based on comic books. During the game you advance through various places in which you have to confront various enemies. The combat system is based on movement animations with dynamic effects, making each fight more spectacular.

To make the gaming system even more complete, each character has their own statistics, inventories, skills, etc that are different from the others. On the Rain-Slick: Precipice of Darkness follows comic structures and the story of Penny Arcade Mike, so sometimes you find scenes that are typical of this genre which open up so you can interact with them.

MOTE: On the On the Rain-Slick: Precipice of Darkness author`s website you can find other versions of the same game compatible with Macintosh and Linux.


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